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Dear clients,
In response to requests by clients in relation to the Corona Virus, Thinking Printing is committed to putting first the health and well being of our staff and clients.
Home operations:
We are currently implementing a plan which will allow us to function our IT and Sales operations from home if required
Production Team:
At this present time our production crew are currently working normal hours with a process that Express prints and delivers to clients as soon as possible.
Discussions are taking place as to how our production team will function under the current state of emergency and we will have more information for clients as this transpires.
Customer Service Team:
Our customer service personnel will be ringing all clients in an endeavour to push forward orders that they may need over the coming weeks.  All sales reps have been instructed to only see clients when necessary and that we should conduct the majority of our business from our homes or company offices.
Clients are requested to send information via email or phone.
Factory implementations:
We have implemented hand sanitizers throughout our factory and it is a condition of entry that these are used by anyone entering the premises.  Currently we are receiving up to date information from the printing industries association and we are takingadvice from health authorities as well.
Staff policy:
Our policy for staff is that they do not attend work if they are showing signs of the virus and that they report to their doctor for a medical check up and they will not be allowed to return to work until they have a clearance certificate from their doctor.
If you have any queries please contact Grant Egan on 0417 309 238
We will keep all clients informed as soon as we have any more information for clients
Grant Egan - Director

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